School Curriculum

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Malvern Springs Primary School takes an approach to curriculum where every child is encouraged and supported to achieve their best in all aspects of school life. Malvern Springs Primary School is working toward adopting explicit instruction especially in English and Mathematics, an approach that caters for children who need to be challenged, children from families who speak a language other than English, and children who need additional support. The school encourages problem solving and creativity so every child becomes an independent learner.


In early childhood classes children learn about the sounds of English through oral language, phonological awareness and phonics. From Kindergarten to Year 6 a feature of every lesson is the ‘warm up’ where each child learns to commit learning to their long term memory. Malvern Springs Primary School recently adopted the Cars and Stars comprehension program, and Spelling Mastery as well as continuing Guided Reading in each class. Students learn to write a range of texts through carefully crafted writing lessons. Extra support is given through MiniLit lessons and Reading Club.


There is a requirement that all children learn basic number facts and times tables through every day practise in ‘warm ups’. Mathematics is learned through using a combination of concrete materials, pictures and abstract concepts. Year 1 to Year 6 classes have recently adopted the Junior Elementary Mental Maths (JEMM) and Elementary Mental Maths (EMM) programs. A big focus in mathematics is on problem solving.


Science began as a specialist area in 2016 and has proved very popular with students who look forward to Science lessons each week. In Science students’ natural curiosity is honoured where they develop their own conclusions about the world. The highly regarded Primary Connections program forms the foundation of the content that children learn.

Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS)

All students enjoy learning about themselves, their place in the world and the physical world through History and Geography. Malvern Springs Primary School honours and remembers men and women who have served in Australia’s armed forces with commemorative ANZAC assemblies and classroom activities. Aboriginal families are offered special respect and acknowledgment with NAIDOC activities, while the multicultural nature of the student population is formally acknowledge with Harmony Day.

Health and Physical Education

All students participate in at least 2 hours of physical fun and activity each week. Fundamental movement skills and playing games forms the foundation of the highly participative program. All children from pre-primary to Year 6 join in swimming lessons, and faction athletic carnivals. The four factions are Maali, Yongka, Dilert and Kardar, being Noongar names of local animals. Senior students compete in interschool events such as the winter and summer carnivals.

The Arts

The Arts gives Malvern Springs Primary School its heart and soul, where all students participate in both Visual Arts and Music. The purpose is to create a sense of achievement, independence, belonging and well-being in students. Students learn musical instruments and form part of the concert band. A school choir performs at the school and in the wider community. Visual Arts focusses on creativity and students have opportunity to display their art works in the wider community.

Social and Emotional

Malvern Springs is a Positive Behaviour School where students are encouraged to follow the school behaviour expectations which are: Be Respectful, Be Safe, Be Your Best and Be Responsible (The 4 Bees). Students are explicitly taught what is meant by the 4 Bees and are acknowledged when they follow the 4 Bees.

Student Leadership

Prefects and Faction Captains are voted into these positions by their peers each year. Student leaders attend the GRIP leadership conference held at the Perth Convention Centre where they learn about making a positive contribution to the world. Student leaders take on responsibilities around the school and represent the school in the wider community. Year 6 students participate in the annual school camp. The School Chaplain conducts Aussie Optimism with Year 5 and Year 6 students.

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