Contributions & Charges

Parents support their children’s education by making this voluntary contribution

Contributions & Charges

While the Department of Education provides the basic school essentials, it is necessary to ask parents /carers to make a contribution towards a child’s education costs to assist the school in providing valuable resources. The amount that a school sets is decided annually by the School Boad.

Please note: Payments cannot be made to class teachers

Items purchased from this contribution support the continuation of educational programs for all children at our school. Parents are encouraged to support their children’s education by making this voluntary contribution as early in the school year as possible. While the voluntary contribution for 2017 for each child is $50 you can choose to pay more in the form of a donation if you so wish. This is a generous gesture and will be gratefully received by the school.

The voluntary contribution will be $50 per student in 2017. This has been approved by our School Council and is within the $60 maximum set in the Education Department’s “Contributions, Charges and Fees Policy”. The payment of contributions is very important as they are used to supplement the cost of materials used by students in their educational program of Literacy $10, Mathematics $10, ICT $5, Physical Education $5, The Arts $5, Science $5, Library $10.

While the contributions are voluntary the quality of our teaching and learning program is maximised when each family makes its contribution.

The contributions supplement the funding gained from other sources including annual school grant, P&C funding as well as State and Federal Government grants.

The term ‘charges’ refers to the provision of extra cost optional activities which are part of the educational program and which voluntary contributions do not cover. Participation in activities is optional and students will only incur a cost when they are involved in the activity. The activities will not exceed the costs shown and if an activity does not occur within the school year no charge for that event will apply.

If you are experiencing financial hardship please speak to the Principal who may negotiate a reduced charge.

Details on charges collected in previous years have helped guide the Charges Schedule 2017.
Payments must be made prior to the event.



Did you know you can make a DONATION to the school?
You may wish to support a particular project or learning area at the school via a donation. Donations to the school are tax deductible. If you would like to make a donation to a particular area of the school please, contact the Manager Corporate Services.

  • Graduation Activities ~ includes items such as leaver’s shirt, photographs and graduation events. The actual cost may be less depending on the level of subsidy available due to fundraising and donations. This does not include any costs for family members attending graduation activities.
  • PEAC ~ Participation in PEAC is subject to a selection process in Year 4. Courses commence in Year 5 and are conducted at various schools. The total cost to a student is dependent on the number and type of courses selected during the year.
  • School of Instrumental Music Program ~ Taught by visiting teachers from the Department of Education School of Instrumental Music to selected Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 students. Please anticipate additional costs for the purchase of books, hire and the maintenance of instruments.

The charges for personal use items will vary between year levels and includes:

  • Student requirements essential for the educational program eg stationery items, calculator.
  • Student requirements essential for successful management of the classroom eg tissues, art shirt.

A list of materials your child will require for the start of the year has been developed by staff and distributed. The Resource List is supported by Campion. The school also receives a commission that is channelled into student resources.

These items can be purchased through the suggested supplier or a supplier of your own choice.

It may be necessary to replace some items, such as pens, glue and pencils, throughout the year and parents are asked to check these each term and replenish where necessary.


  • The payment of the voluntary contribution is preferred at the beginning of the year however; it may be paid by instalments at the beginning of each term. The payment can be made through Campion when ordering your Resource List; QKR payment app (download to your mobile), cheque, cash; or by internet bank transfer. The school bank details are:
    Malvern Springs Primary School BSB: 066 040 Account number 1990 3602
  • Charges for Extra Cost Optional Items are advertised in the school newsletter or by a separate note and are paid prior to the event.
  • High cost activities such as the camp charges may be paid off over a period of time if a payment plan is arranged in advance with the Principal or Manager Corporate Services. The goal is to make sure we do everything we can to include all students in all activities.

Parents may be entitled to a refund of any unused portion of the contributions and charges they have paid if their child transfers to another school prior to the end of the school year. Alternatively, the remaining funds may be transferred to the new school. These refunds will be arranged upon your request and the refund will be based on a rate as approved by the School Council.

The School provides parents with the opportunity to order school photographs and purchase books through the Scholastic Book Club. Information will be provided to parents when these services are made available.

The P&C Association holds a number of fundraising events throughout the year. The school will conduct a variety of activities throughout the year including some on behalf of community and charity organisations.

Parents who wish to comment on any of the information supplied are welcome to contact the Principal or write to the School Council.

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